How to book a Chamonix Property

Booking your chalet or apartment through Chamonix Ski Chalets

Booking your Chamonix holiday from an offer you have received by email

You have made an enquiry and received an offer by email direct from a Chamonix property owner or operator via us. If you wish to book you can click the "Accept offer" button and you will be directed to the website to complete your booking details.


If you accept an offer in this way, it is not a confirmed booking until  the booking amount has been paid and the property owner accepts the booking (because the property may have been booked between you receiving the offer and deciding to go ahead!).

When the owner accepts the booking you will be given the bank payment details or you can call us with your credit or debit card which we can process through WorldPay (i.e. SAFELY) subject to the table of card processing fees below:-


SECURE CARD PROCESSING FEES Debit Cards Personal Credit Cards Business Credit Cards AMEX
UK & European Cards 1.00% 1.50% 3.00% 2.00%
International (Non-EU) 2.00% 3.00% 4.40% 2.00%


We do not retain card details.

All bookings are "pending" until you receive our confirmation email and booking details invoice.


Booking your Chamonix holiday directly from the website

Some listed properties have "LIVE AVAILABILITY" and/or "INSTANT BOOKING". Live Availability means that the owner's calendar is updated and you can make a booking request which has a reasonable likelihood of being accepted by the owner.


Instant Booking properties have both the calendar and prices updated by the owner and you can proceed straight to paying your deposit or balance by credit or debit card if you wish to book onine.

Properties where you see the instant booking icon on the property page can be reserved following STEP ONE. If the property does not have the Instant Booking icon then you will have received an email from the owner with an offer and you can making a booking request starting at STEP THREE below...


If a property has INSTANT BOOKING enabled.


Click on the "Prices & Availability" tab, scroll down and select the date you wish to book and click "Make a Booking request"




Follow the instructions on the "Make a  Booking Request Page...." The format of the booking request page is predetermined by the owner however, it is really important that if your dates or budget are different from what is offered you make an offer to the owner using the form provided for example...

Once you have completed the rest of the form with your details this information will be sent to the owner who will send you a revised offer email. 


 When you receive an emailed offer and you have decided you wish to book on the offer basis click on the green button.  This will take you to the booking request page and from there you will be able to enter the details needed to go ahead.



When you make a booking request, the owner can still accept or decline it. If the owner accepts it, then you will be sent a payment request link to pay the deposit or full balance (if appropriate) by card payment or bank transfer if you prefer.

Any card payments you make are subject to a card processing fees as above in all cases and the transactions are secure as we use both SSL technology on the site and the services of WorldPay.

Call us if you wish to do this over the phone....we are here to help....