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About us

Since 2001 Chamonix Ski Chalets has been dealing with all aspects of property management with owners, landlords, tenants and holidaymakers in Chamonix and the Mont Blanc-valley.

We act as your trusted and impartial bridge between buyers and sellers, owners and renters and our reputation is forged on trustworthiness earned over nearly 2 decades of professional service.

Chamonix Ski Chalets jealously guarded independence means that we cannot be swayed to give poor advice. We are there to listen to what you want and to advise and accompany you throughout the different stages of the process of buying or selling property.

Property transactions are much more than simply exchanges of money for use or ownership of bricks and mortar. They are life affecting and affirming decisions and such transactions are built on a personal and human perspective rather than a purely financial or transactional objective.

Our objective is to give you unqualified non-partisan advice, support and introductions to give you the best opportunity to reach your property goals with as little stress as possible.

Chamonix and the outlying villages and land have a multitude of unique particulars. Properties from across the street of each other demand individual consideration to reflect the multitude of factors that can affect valuation and use. We aim to provide a carefully considered line of defence against adverse factors when known.

Having an impartial local agency to back up your own research, experience and counterparties can be extremely valuable.

Our values

When you are seeking a Chamonix Immobilier or Chamonix Real Estate Agency to serve you, it is clear that you need both a competent and professional real estate partner as well as personnel who listen acutely to your needs and objectives.

Following our initial contact, we will introduce you to the best of breed local agents whether you are seeking to buy or sell a Chamonix property. Once we have listened carefully to you and understood your wishes, we will present a short list of suitable Chamonix property professionals to you and make the appropriate introductions. If you wish we will accompany you throughout the process.

We believe that communication and a human connection is essential that part of dealing with the specifics of any property transaction is relating the details to the people and individuals involved. Understanding the other side in any negotiation is key to achieving successful outcomes especially when legal, family and planning complexities can emerge unexpectedly. 

Our advisory services

Acquisition of Land or other real estate

Financial, fiscal or operational audit

Introduction to professionals

Property management

Property search

Purchase or sale of apartments or chalets

Renovation, refurbishment or property development

Transaction oversight

Valuation and technical surveys


Please note that we are not registered real estate agents and do not receive direct instructions from property owners to buy or sell property in Chamonix. We act purely as a bystander and and advisor without legal capacity or responsibility. We will introduce you to our panel of professionals in all aspects of property management and conveyancing as befits your objectives.