Seasonal and Annual Chalets

If you are looking for a Chamonix Chalet or Apartment for a long rental period, please get in touch.

Many owners of holiday rental accommodation in Chamonix decide to take a break from renting their homes by the week and make their properties available by the season or even annually.

Naturally for anyone other than the seasoned winter chalet renter finding a suitable chalet or apartment, in the right location and in budget is not always the easiest thing to do from afar. With our excellent knowledge of so many chalets, all the locations in the valley and  good relationships with the Chamonix property owners, we are well placed to advise you.

Before we send you options though its important to start thinking about the following:

  • How long am I looking to rent for?
  • What area in the valley would suit? Do I need a car!?
  • What is my budget ceiling?
  • What accommodation and number of bedrooms should I look for?
  • Would I consider vacating for peak weeks to reduce the rent?
  • Would I like to have a hot tub, sauna, view of the Aiguille or anything else specific?

There are also the peculiarities of French law pertaining to furnished and unfurnished lettings to consider as well as the property and local taxes to take into account.

With all of these factors at play, we would be  happy to help you find, secure and make sensible commercial decisions around finding a lovely place in the valley to live in.